Top 5 Reasons Why A Marriage Fails

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Marriage is a lifelong commitment between two individuals. While they may enjoy pleasant moments together, there is always a possibility that they could encounter numerous challenges that may even lead to the breakdown of a marriage.


Couples must understand the challenges that fall their way so they can seek the required guidance to build and sustain the marriage.

5 Reasons Why Most Marriages Fail

Among the numerous reasons for a failed marriage, here are five significant reasons why most marriages fail:

Third Parties

Marital bonds can be severely affected by the involvement of third parties, whether that involvement is physical or emotional. A third party is anyone outside of the relationship. Infidelity or even emotional affairs can erode trust and intimacy between partners. 

sad couple sits on opposite sides of the bed in anguish. This represents the need for marriage counseling.

Moreover, if one of the individuals sought emotional fulfillment or excitement outside the marriage, betrayal or heartbreak could occur, resulting in irreparable damage if not immediately and effectively addressed.

Financial Strain

There could be disagreements over financial priorities, spending habits, or managing debt that adds to mental stress. Overall satisfaction, communication, trust, and other underlying issues could be disturbed due to financial disagreements. 


These could be one of the places where couples may require counseling to deal effectively with the issues that have occurred.

Communication Breakdown

A healthy marriage is known to have mostly survived on healthy communication. Listen to understand, not to react.


Misunderstandings tend to escalate in marriages where couples struggle to express their needs, emotions, and concerns. Couples should avoid poor communication habits that act as a roadblock between mutual understanding and intimacy.

Differences in Values and Goals

Priorities toward family members, values, and goals tend to create more differences between a married couple than one would generally expect. Relationships will drain of positivity due to these differences. Differences about career, family planning, parenting styles, lifestyle choices, or cultural expectations. 


Mutual respect and compromise are essential for couples to navigate through these differences and can also provide a structured environment for couples to explore.

Lack of Mutual Spiritual Beliefs: The Will of God

Along with various other reasons, one reason that is rare but tends to present is the belief that God wanted otherwise. Relationships could get broken based on individual spiritual beliefs.


Lack of mutual respect between partners for one another’s religions or beliefs causes challenges. These challenges will present themselves in parenting and strengthening the foundation for a successful marriage. 

The Importance of Counseling in Marriage 

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Couples who are headed for a marriage split could seek help through counseling where they could have a safe and supportive space to address complex issues with their marriage. Here’s how counseling can help:

Facilitation of Communication

Couples could learn effective communication techniques and practice active listening and empathy toward their partner through counseling.

Navigation of Conflicts

Couples can learn strategies to constructively manage conflicts and find solutions that are mutually beneficial through counseling.

Heal from Betrayal

A guide to rebuilding trust, in cases of infidelity or betrayal, can be found through counseling and couples could work toward forgiveness and reconciliation.

Address Financial Challenges

Couples can approach financial counselors and seek financial counseling for assistance in creating budgets, setting financial goals, and obtaining money management techniques as a couple.

Resolve Differences in Values

Couples can learn tips on understanding perspectives and finding mutual ground to further integrate their values into mutual decision-making, through counseling.

Seek Professional Help

Early interventions like counseling can greatly enhance marital bonds even if couples encounter many difficulties. Such as third-party participation, conflicts in values, financial hardship, spiritual sentences, and communication breakdowns. 

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Couples can have a deeper understanding and greater connection by addressing these difficulties early on and obtaining professional help when necessary. This will help them lay the groundwork for a successful and long-lasting partnership.

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