Therapy After A Divorce

Why Should You Consider Therapy After A Divorce?

When a marriage ends, it typically leaves one or both partners wondering, “what happened?” As a major life transition, divorce can be traumatic and mentally, physically, and emotionally draining.
Therapy offers individuals powerful coping skills that can help them navigate their overwhelming thoughts and feelings. Therapy offers a safe space to explore and share your feelings so you can make sense of them yourself. It’s a way for people to have a healthier outlook on their divorce and become empowered during a very difficult time.
When a marriage ends, divorce has a tendency to bring about feelings of loss, anxiety, depression, and even anger. This is not a time when one needs to be alone. The emotions attached to a divorce can be overwhelming. Support is needed. Many times the support that is needed can be found through friends, family, loved ones, and also with a counselor.

Different Therapy Modalities for Divorce

Every situation is unique and will require the right type of therapy.  There is no set protocol for how one should receive Counseling when their marriage has ended.  What is most important is that one finds help, even if it is a one time session just to “check-in.”

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is incredibly helpful for those people experiencing depression or anxiety, or who view the divorce as a personal failure. This type of therapy can help you discover your own needs and a better understanding of who you are.
Understanding is the key if one Expects to thrive and become intimate in future relationships.  If one has experienced divorce, and does not have a reasonable level of understanding for themselves as well as their former spouse, The anxiety that they feel can take them in places that they do not want to go. Individual counseling supports the individual with any and all of their relationship issues.

Couples Therapy

Divorce will never be easy. But with the proper guidance, the lines of communication can stay open and the separation can remain constructive and amicable. A therapist can help you both navigate those hard decisions such as financial obligations and co-parenting.
When a couple has decided to dissolve their marriage, this can be the most stressful time of their life. It is good to find someone to provide couples therapy, that has a passion for people.

Family Therapy

Children are, of course, deeply affected by a divorce, and often the parents are too consumed in their own emotions to offer proper guidance. Family therapy can help the entire family deal with feelings of loss and grief.


Settling a divorce in court can be costly and exhausting. Many couples choose to mediate their own divorce through the help of a trained therapist. Mediation not only costs less and typically takes far less time than divorce litigation, but it may also help improve your lines of communication as you both move forward.
If you are going through a divorce and would like to discuss treatment options, please get in touch with me.

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