The Second Time Around

"The Second Time Around"

My Wife Woke Me Up Balling This Morning, Here's What She Texted Me

 My wife woke up bawling this morning, yelling oh my God! Oh my God! I thought she was reading a text that someone close to us had just died!

It just so happened that she was led at 3 or 4 am in the morning to search a journal in her phone that she had that had written some time before about our financial struggles, the fear that she was experiencing about me being laid off from my job working for a Fortune 100 Company (see the video), thoughts about how we going to be able to afford to continue to send our little girl to church school, and how in the world were we going to be able to make the adjustments needed to welcome our newborn baby that was due approximately six months later.  

It was by coincidence that she noticed that the journal that she had just searched had been written one year prior, on the same exact day that she was inspired to search the it. Iv’e made a few small edits, but here is what is said!

Leaving Six-Figures For Faith
Transitioning home yet once again. Wow God! Really you have a strange strange way of doing things. We pray for a child and ask you to only bless us if it’s in your will and here I am 3 1/2 months pregnant. Wow! It’s nothing like praying for God’s will to be done and actually seeing it unfold. The interesting thing about it all is that this was God’s will for us in the midst of my husband losing his job. Lol! Wow God, you’re really testing our faith. I say this because we have been instructed for me to stay home with our kids. Wait , what?. Didn’t you just say that your husband is currently not working a steady job? 
So you are gonna walk away from a substantial income because God instructed you to stay at home? You must be crazy! A handsome man ( my husband) once shared with me these words “It takes courage to look like a fool”. 
God Can You Do It Again?
Now this will be our second go-around with me transitioning home. Circumstances are much different this time but what’s so great about that is that although the circumstances are different our God is the same. Hallelujah! Who said that the second go-around would be easier? Of course, we want it to be easier but that’s part of the problem. We want easy, we want free, we want no blood sweat or tears, we don’t want any struggle what so ever. We want to be in control of our situations. We want to be able to see how things will unfold. That’s a scary vision. If the Lord allowed us to see how things would unfold with us being in charge vs Him being in charge. It will be an epic fail! Bound for destruction.
Although things look a little dimmer this time around and resources are not quite lining up as expected at this present time, We have to remember that God has done this before in the past and he can do it again and He always does it right on time. Trusting God, that is what faith is right? lol!  Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. I am hoping for provision to be made for my family, I’m hoping for substantial finances for our lifestyle, I’m hoping for medical coverage for our family, I’m hoping for my daughter to continue to stay in Christian education and our basic needs to be met.
I Can’t See How Our Finances Will Add Up This Time Around!
I can’t see how our finances will add up this time around, I don’t see how we will have insurance coverage with my husband not working, i can’t see how my husband’s business is going to meet our financial needs, But God! Ha! But God sees it all. A writer said that we have nothing to fear for the future unless we forget what God has done in the past and we have seen Him do it! The first time around, the Lord restored back to us everything that we thought that we lost just because we were obedient to what He said.
I Will Restore Everything That You Feel You Are About To Lose, Just Trust Me
I remember the fear that I felt the first time about walking away from my job and the peace that God gave me and Him whispering to me “I will restore everything that you feel you are about to lose, just trust me”. There are testimonies after testimonies that we can share of how God blessed us during our three years of staying home with our daughter and continued even after the three years. The restoration that we saw from him was mind-blowing. He basically doubled my salary and he allowed us to not only stay on track with our goal of paying off our home, He actually allowed us to pay it off in the midst of my husband basically being unemployed!
We Have No Mortgage!!
We have no mortgage. Hallelujah! Won’t He do it!  But the most treasurable thing is seeing our daughter and how she’s so happy and how much she loves the Lord and how smart and intelligent she is just from her having that one on one time with her parents. You can’t compare a six-figure salary to that. This is the reward reaped from obedience. What has to be realized is that It does not get harder for Him (God) it gets easier. He blesses! That’s what He does! He has nothing to prove, Him being supreme ruler and Lord over the universe was proven at Calvary. Lol! God got this!
God Knows Everything About Our Circumstances.
God knows everything about our circumstances. He’s in control of our circumstance. He wants us to cast our cares upon him because he cares for us. We have to be able to trust God’s heart even when we can’t trace his hand. His ways are not our ways his thoughts are not our thoughts. Stop trying to figure it all out, He never intended for us to figure it all out. What He intended was for us to be still, trust Him and let Him be God in our lives. If we have fear, doubt or anxiety over our current circumstances or our future then that’s not faith. 

Obviously I’m writing this because there has been some questions in both me and my husband’s minds about how all of this is going to work out, but the Lord woke me up at 3 am because He needed to remind me of Who He is. Fear is a natural response for humans but we have to cling to God’s promises in His word and trust His word. He did not give us the spirit of fear but of power love and a sound mind. What’s interesting about this text is that it references fear as a spirit. If it’s not the Holy Spirit then it’s not of God, it’s the work of the enemy. Fear will cripple you and have you living in bondage. Goodbye, fear! I’m excited to see how God will show up and show out this second time around stay tuned…….
My Prayer of Faith
Prayer: Lord this is an oh so familiar place. We’ve been here before and we came out victorious because we were obedient and we trusted you. You are the same God yesterday, today and forevermore. Thank you for your faithfulness. Thank you for your blessings. But most of all thank you for your love. Please remove any fear, anxiety or doubt and replace it with your spirit of love and a sound mind. Help us to trust you all the way. In Jesus name. Amen.
 All this to say God has been truly blessing. We were blessed with a healthy baby girl, my five year old is loving home school (big ups to First Church Co-Op and all the home school moms!!)
Practice has been booming, and our faith and marriage is stronger than it has ever been. God truly works miracles when you are willing to simplify your lifestyle, face the fear of failure in front of the world, and put your trust in God even when you can not see the substance of what you are hoping for.

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