Signs That Your Teen May Need Teenage Counseling in Huntsville, AL

A teen stands above looking through a chain fence at the camera. This could represent the distance overcome by working with a counselor for teens in Huntsville, AL. Learn more about online therapy in Alabama and the support counseling for teens in Huntsville, AL can offer today.

Typical Teenage Behavior

So often, parents and teens are in entirely different worlds. It may seem unusual, but in most cases, it is normal. All teenagers are unique while sharing similar experiences. They struggle with their identity, which could mean a multitude of things. For example, which crowds they want to be a part of, how they want to look, how others perceive them, etc. Their bodies are going through an awkward stage of physical, mental, and emotional changes as they progress from childhood to adulthood. Occasionally, teens will even revert to childish behaviors. All of these are ordinary experiences to have with your teen, but sometimes they need more assistance as they navigate this part of their journey in life. 

A teen covers their face while sitting alone. Learn how therapy for teenagers in Huntsville, AL can offer support by contacting a counselor for teens in Huntsville, AL today. Search “counseling for teens in Huntsville, AL” today to learn more. Signs that your teen may need therapy

Teenagers have regular shifts in their behavior, attitude, and mood. Some may be more drastic than others. Typically, the problematic behaviors begin more subtly, and then they start to progress. The most noticeable signs you will receive are those from your teen’s teachers. These are more inconspicuous signs to parents because it is normal for teens to act differently at school than at home. Those would include: 

  • Extreme changes in school performance (grades, behavior, missing assignments, etc.)
  • Numerous complaints of sickness (constant complaints of headache or stomach ache, without signs of an actual illness, tends to lead to depression later down the line.)
  • Frequent angry outbursts or intense opposition to authority
  • Truancy (skipping class)

A close up of a girl with a sad expression. Learn how a counselor for teens in Huntsville, AL can offer support in overcoming isolation via teenage counseling in Huntsville, AL. Search “online therapy in Alabama” to learn more. Some signs are more severe and require outside help. For example, suppose you notice your teen abusing drugs or alcohol, becoming aggressive or violent, stealing, vandalizing property, or overly obsessed with weight. In that case, you should consider having them sit with a therapist

Finding a therapist for Teenagers

Teen counseling is considered a therapeutic approach. With counseling, teens participate in what is called “talk therapy.” They will be in a secure environment with a mental health professional. With a licensed therapist, your teen can openly express their feelings, identify and solve problems, and develop healthy coping techniques. Remember that teens are often more open to receiving assistance from others when they have a space to work through their problems. Choose an experienced therapist who has previously worked with teens. Teens are unique, and their issues are specific to their age group. Having your teen talk to a skilled therapist can support and help them through this crucial period of their life. 

Types of Therapy

There are several types of counseling sessions that your teen can participate in. 

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT): This type of counseling is for teens with anxiety, depression, or trauma. A therapist specializing in CBT will help your teen identify their harmful thought patterns and show them how to replace them with more positive ones.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT): DBT is used to assist teens with finding healthy and responsible coping mechanisms dealing. This type of counseling works great for teens who engage in self-harm or those that are suicidal. 
  • Family therapy: This includes the teen and one or more members of their family. The goal is to improve communication and support among family members. Family therapy is a great way to understand your teen better. 
  • Group therapy: In group therapy, multiple patients participate in a session with the therapist. It is an excellent way for teens to see and hear different coping techniques from their peers.

Choosing a therapist should be based on your teen’s needs and what would best support them. 

A teen sits against a wall while looking up at the camera blankly. Learn how a counselor for teens in Huntsville, AL can offer support for you and your teen from the comfort of home via online therapy in Alabama. Therapy for teenagers in Huntsville, AL can offer support today!

A Counselor for Teens in Huntsville, AL Can Help

If you are looking for an experienced counselor to help support your teen through this transition, Aspire Counseling & Consulting Services is a great place to start your search. We are currently accepting clients who are seeking counseling or therapy services. We would be happy to provide support with both in-person and online therapy services. You can start your therapy journey by following these simple steps: 

  1. Contact Aspire Counseling 
  2. Meet with a caring counselor for teens
  3. Start supporting your teen through this transitional period

Other Services Offered With Aspire Counseling

Therapy for teens isn’t the only service offered at our Huntsville, AL-based practice. Our team is happy to offer multiple services in support of your mental health. Other services offered include marriage and couples counseling, individual counseling, anger management therapy, anger management classes, and depression therapy. We also offer support with continuing education, overcoming eating disorders, and offer online clinical supervision for social workers. Please feel free to visit our blog or FAQ for more helpful info! If you need more information about our rates, accepted insurance, and services or are ready to begin counseling services, please do not hesitate to call or visit our blog for more information. 

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