Premarital Counseling

Why Is Premarital Counseling Important?

Mostly everyone who plans to get married, wants to make sure they can spend their life with a person of their dreams forever. We dream to have a relationship full of trust, accountability, intimacy. We want a relationship full of peace, where our partners seem to understand us, and be interested about attending to our needs
Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen, and many times the reason why it doesn’t happen is because couples have not been giving the relationship tools that they often get with premarital counseling.  Believe it or not, all couples have conflict. The question is, how do we handle our conflict in a way that strengthens the marriage?
Premarital Counseling is important because it gives you the tools that you need to be successful.  As a matter of fact the American Psychological Association quotes that “30 percent increase in marital satisfaction compared with those who hadn’t undergone such counseling.”
The primary difference between relationships that fail versus those who are successful is the tools. What tools are you using currently in your relationship to support you with being transparent, and open about resolving the issues that matter to you most?
Premarital counseling will support you with establishing the skills that you need for a long, lasting relationship. A relationship where you feel that your spouse is on your team, ride or die!

The Stigma of Couples Therapy Before Marriage

There is so much stigma behind, getting couples therapy, marriage therapy, and premarital counseling. We don’t want to discount others experience, but a negative experience is not what you were going to receive from Aspire. We pride ourselves in supporting couples with their journey to success in relationships.  Our ratings speak for themselves.
So if you come to premarital counseling with Aspire Counseling & Consulting Services, expect to learn how to best, navigate your future, and reduce the potential for future and unsuccessful relationship. I expect to learn, and work with professionals that “keep it real.”

Is premarital counseling covered by insurance?

Most insurance plans, do not cover the cost for premarital counseling.  When using insurance for marriage and relationship, counseling, services are billed through a code. Essentially you receive a diagnosis that is submitted to insurance through a billing code.
Because premarital counseling is not considered to be a mental health problem, insurance companies, generally do not cover this service. Click our rates and services page to see our rates

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