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If you have a busy schedule, a physical disability, or concerns about privacy, you may find it difficult to schedule an appointment with a counselor. In today’s situations, many are experiencing reluctance about scheduling in-person appointments due to time limitations, and of course the pandemic.

Aspire and Counseling and Consulting Services, we are aware of this and have been very intentional about providing options to accommodate these circumstances.  Today, due to technological advances we are able to offer online therapy services across Alabama.  While our online counseling services are limited to the state of Alabama, Aspire Counseling & Consulting Services provides online coaching services, across the nation, and sometimes internationally.

How Online Therapy Works

Getting set up for online therapy is very simple. The advances in technology have worked wonders making it easy to access online therapy even if you don’t consider yourself “tech-friendly.”

Our counselors have provided therapy to clients from ages 8 to 80.  We are glad to say that there have been very few instances where our clients have had trouble getting set up. If you do have troubles, no worries.

Our customer care support team is ready and available to assist you in any way that is needed. We value the opportunity to serve you. So no need to make any phone calls for additional guidance.  Feel free to reach out to us. We can help you with the entire process.

So how do I get set up? Once we have scheduled you into our system, we will forward you a link to our online therapy platform. No downloads are necessary!!! Once you have received the link you will simply enter your name, and our clinician will meet with you at your scheduled appointment time.

Is Online Therapy Safe?

With all the crazy things happening on the Internet, many want to know if online therapy is safe.  Will my privacy be compromised? Is there any protection against criminals who may try to access my information? These are great questions.  We are glad to assure you that we use HIPPA compliant software used by physicians, psychotherapists, and other healthcare practitioners across the globe.

Not once have we experienced or met another practitioner whose clients’ information was compromised as a result of this technology. Although nothing is full proof, HIPPA assures that each organization approved by them meets the criteria to secure your safety.

Is Online Therapy Effective?

When Covid-19 took off in 2020, I don’t know a business that was not fearful for its future. Because of the spread of the pandemic, we quickly had to make the decision to move all of our therapy and coaching services online.  While others were pondering the change, we made the difficult decision to transfer all of our clients to online therapy almost immediately.

We experienced a fear that our decision would result in us losing a number of our valued clients. To our surprise, we only lost one or two clients. We also speculated that the distance would make counseling sessions less intimate. Our counselors were amazed and how many clients not only found the therapy sessions effective, but most of them stated that due to the convenience, online therapy would likely be permanent for them.

Even our clients who have experienced acute anxiety adjusted well to the online therapy changes. A lot has to do with our counselors and coaches.   Aspire Counseling and Consulting Services tries best to assure that you are provided top-level clinicians so that you are looking forward to each session.

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Online Therapy in Alabama

Can I receive online therapy if I am outside of Huntsville, AL? Absolutely! Our therapists are able to provide online therapy services across the state of Alabama. We are not just limited to a city, but our license covers therapy and counseling services across the entire state of Alabama, not just Huntsville.

If you are outside of the state of Alabama, please inquire about our coaching services. We have online coaches who provide support in every area that therapy is provided.   Our coaches are able to provide online coaching across the nation. Coaching services however are not covered by insurance.

Is Online Therapy Covered By Insurance?

Online therapy is generally covered by most insurance companies especially due to the pandemic. However, there may be rare exceptions. Presently all the major providers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare, and Optum just to name a few, have been offering coverage for online therapy.

If you are outside of the state of Alabama, we unfortunately would not be able to provide online therapy for you. Currently, we are licensed only in the state of Alabama.  By law, we are only able to provide online therapy services within our state.  However, online coaching may be an option to consider.  We are able to support you just as well with online coaching.

All online coaching services are billed through private pay. See our rates for service.

Online Therapy For Couples

Online therapy has been a great tool for couples, especially couples who are working, on the go, or who may be in separate locations throughout the day. Online therapy allows couples to forget about the drive to the counselor’s office. If you are a stay-at-home mom, you can still support the little ones often without having to find a babysitter while in counseling, and while your husband is at work, or visa versa.

We offer the option for you to join online if you are at the same or separate location, you make the call. The convenience of online therapy for couples often reduces the need to cancel or reschedule due to conflicts when a couple drives to a location.

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