How to find Mental Health Therapists that take Medicaid in Alabama

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Mental Health and finding Therapists that take Medicaid in Alabama

Identifying that you, or someone in your family, needs counseling or therapy services is one of the first steps to receiving professional help. If you have insurance through Alabama Medicaid, finding therapists that take Medicaid could be a bit frustrating. There are limited options for therapists who accept Medicaid to provide services. The goal here is to share with you an approach considered stress-free and makes finding Medicaid-approved counseling and therapy services much more manageable. 


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Will All Counselors/Therapists Accept Medicaid?

There are multiple services that counselors and therapists provide to their patients. Are you seeking one-on-one individual therapy, couples counseling, marriage therapy, or family group sessions? Before locating a counselor, decide which service is most suitable for your needs. Once you’ve identified the service you are seeking, be sure to contact a Medicaid representative. Insurance policies and qualifications are constantly changing. In Alabama, you can contact the Medicaid agency by calling directly or logging into your Medicaid account


Do Therapists that take Medicaid in Alabama Cover Children Only?

Well, this question can be complicated, but for the most part, yes is the answer. Unfortunately, Alabama Medicaid has significant limits with covering counseling services for adults. The coverages generally are only available to support therapy for children.

There are generally no particular limits concerning the amount of sessions your child or team can receive in therapy.  Although Medicaid primarily covers only therapy for children, teens, and adolescents, family therapy services can often be covered under an Alabama Medicaid policy.

Alabama therapists that take Medicaid also cover family therapy. However, the adolescent or teen would have to be the identified client. This means the Therapists that take Medicaid would be providing services designed to support the child’s behavioral concerns. In family therapy for the child, teenager, or adolescent, the family can talk with the therapist about how to support the child with their behavioral concerns.

Sometimes the parent can have a one-on-one session with the therapist if the therapist determines that this would support the child, adolescent, or teenager.

Therapy support that would be provided for the parent would be limited.

The therapy exclusively focus on supporting the relationship or the needs of the child, teen, or adolescent that is receiving counseling.


Image of a diverse group of kids representing the care and appreciation a teens and children can feel for each other when in therapy. Therapists that accept Medicaid can be found, heres how!

 Do Therapists that take Medicaid charge A Co-Pay Fee For Counseling Services?

Therapists who take Medicaid sometimes charge a co-payment to receive medical services, but Medicaid will pay the rest. Providers cannot charge any additional amount besides the co-payment for Medicaid-covered services. Therapy and counseling services fall under the mental health category, and Medicaid covers mental health services for eligible children and adults, providing community-based and inpatient services.

Also, you do not have to pay a co-payment if you are a Medicaid recipient who falls into one of the following categories:

  • live in a nursing home
  • are under 18 years of age
  • receiving family planning services
  • are a Native American Indian with an active user letter from Indian Health Services (IHS)


How To Find Therapists that take Medicaid in Alabama Approved Counseling Services?

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It can be difficult to find the right fit when searching for a mental health counselor that accepts Medicaid. Word of mouth is a great source for identifying a good counselor. However, not everyone wants to share that they have received therapy services. One great resource to find a qualified mental health therapist who accepts Medicaid is a website titled Psychology Today. Psychology Today provides a directory of counselors in your area, along with their specialties and fees. You could also locate Medicaid-approved counseling services by going to the Alabama Department of Mental Health’s website and begin searching for the providers in your area and specific services. 


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