Coping Strategies for 3 Common Major Life Changes You’ll Likely Face

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From buying a new home, to getting married, most individuals experience a host of major changes throughout their lifetime.  Feeling nervous during these changes is understandable, but sometimes the stress can become overbearing.  We start having an impact on one’s mental health. In this article by Aspire Counseling and Consulting Services, we’ll explore a host of strategies individuals can implement to manage major life changes healthily.

Buying a Home and Planning Marriage

This can be an exciting yet daunting experience given the sheer amount of activities involved in achieving it. The key to having a smooth transition towards becoming a homeowner is to plan and take the help of professionals as follows:

  • Meet with your financial advisor to create a home-buying budget. This will include the amount you’re willing to invest as a downpayment and the highest monthly mortgage payment you can afford. But, you’ll need to start working towards developing a healthy credit score.  You can do this by minimizing your debt utilization and making timely bill payments.


Pursuing a Meaningful Career

According to a recent report by CNBC, 51% of workers in the US report being stressed at the job daily. Additionally, 41% report being worried, and paint a grim picture of individuals currently in the workforce. If you consider yourself a part of these worrying statistics, making a career change has bound to cross your mind. However, finding a job is hard, but for the sake of your mental health, it is necessary.

  • Create a Stellar Resume: The first step towards finding a meaningful job will be to create a stunning resume.  Your resume should highlight your skills and work experience. Some positions will require you to submit a cover letter and portfolio.   You can use a PDF file merger tool to create a single cohesive document.
  • Start Networking: The quickest way to land a new job is to network and develop strong connections with fellow workers. When done right, networking can present job opportunities that are never posted on job boards as companies prefer to hire internally through referrals.

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Getting Married Is a 

Transitioning from being single with no relationship to getting married is seldom easy. Getting married means undertaking the responsibility for the well-being of your partner. This can take the form of finances, health, and much more. Here are a few tips to make this transition easy for you and your partner:

  • Communicate Well: Have open lines of communication with your partner.  Include expectations, fears, and any other topic you deem important, is key to maintaining a happy and trustful relationship.
  • Practice Gratitude: It is common for us as humans in relationships to feel that we’re being taken for granted. Practicing gratitude is a great way to make your partner feel appreciated.
  • Consider Premarital Counseling: If the stress of getting/staying married is impacting your mental health, it’s best to seek professional help.  Professional will provide you the required guidance and support to make a healthy transition and overcome any prevalent problems with your significant other.

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Mental Health Tips for Managing Major Life Changes

In addition to a host of tips mentioned above here are a few more to help you remain emotionally healthy when faced with major life changes:

  • Gardening: Research shows that gardening provides a host of mental health benefits.  Benefits include high self-esteem, improvement in self-confidence, and a reduction in stress levels. To learn about how you can start gardening to reap these benefits, use this resource –
  • Marriage Counseling/ Relationship Counseling: Marriage counseling can be a helpful resource for couples experiencing issues such as communication breakdown, loss of intimacy anor trust, etc. A counselor can act as a trusted intermediary, helping both sides understand each other and decide on resolutions.

Whether it be buying a home or making a career change, major life changes always involve an element of stress. However, there are a host of coping strategies such as gardening and counseling which you can leverage to develop mental resistance and good emotional health.

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