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Are you looking for greater options to serve in your career? Have you been longing for independence, advancement on your job, a significant increase in your pay where you can easily bill $100 or more an hour for your services?  Maybe you are satisfied with your full-time job, and you are looking to employ yourself part-time and work your own schedule.

You know this was my dream, and I never, ever thought I would be in the position I am in now after being laid off of my job working for a Fortune 100 Company (see the video).  Thank God I had completed my Social Work Supervision, tested, and started seeing clients part-time as a therapist.  When I got the news that they had pulled my number, I transitioned from seeing approximately 2-3 clients a week to now seeing many times more than I can handle.  Now I am blessed to set my own schedule, take long lunches, work out and spend more time with my wife and kids.  You can experience this too!!

Social Work Supervision In Alabama

I offer Clinical Social Work Supervision ANYWHERE in the state of Alabama.  Clinical Supervision is a huge step to make your dream become a reality.  I have been so blessed that so far each of my clients who have completed Clinical Supervision have all received their Clinical Social Work License and have remarkable stories concerning how they have advanced almost immediately in their Social Work careers.

So maybe you have been feeling overwhelmed by your choices for potential supervisors.  You have been very focussed, researching wanting to make sure you have the right supervisor who will help you expand your knowledge base, practice your skills and hopefully even make supervision fun. Well, maybe you came to this website for a reason, because I would love to play a part in supporting your success.


A Dynamic Experience With An Awesome Community!


Why Is Aspire Supervision Such A Great Option?

One thing I have to say is that people are passing their boards Lol! But I can’t take responsibility for my clients passing their boards because Clinical Supervision is not a test prep course.  However, I have a passion for doing all I can to make sure you have the best shot.  I have a passion for this because I have seen so many Social Workers leave the field of Social Work feeling defeated because of not being able to pass their social work exams.

So I intentionally create scenarios, case situations, and as I engage you to improve your competency as a clinician, I am also introducing simulations of cases and test questions to assure that you are growing and understanding the information being presented.  We have a great time, and did I mention that this is Board Approved Online Clinical Supervision.  So no need for babysitting if you have children.  I have had two of my clients to have babies while in supervision (you know what I mean) and never missed a session, but that’s the kind of determined clients I attract.

Choya’s Experience and Qualifications

As a Board-approved Clinical Supervisor for Social Workers seeking their LICSW license in the state of Alabama, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise throughout the years in a variety of practice settings.

As a certified Private Independent Practice provider of Social Work, it is my goal to use this experience to meet your area of need today and to strengthen you for the workforce for tomorrow. It is my belief that it is essential to learn both the clinical and business aspects of Social Work. Allow me to journey with you, as you leverage your skills and education in Social Work today.

A Clinical Supervisor With Experience

I have worked as a professional in the field of Social Work since 1999.  I have been very fortunate to work with all ages of clients specializing with children all the way through to seniors. I have had the opportunity to work as a counselor with juvenile delinquents, provide therapy services for adoptive children, assess and provide home studies for families who have a desire to adopt. I was even blessed with numerous opportunities to be featured on the news  to provide expert advice.  My experience includes working in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, as well in the home health setting both as an employee as well as a contract provider for psychotherapy, crisis intervention, mediation, case management services, home studies, and Private Practice.  I now specialize in Anger Management and Relationship Counseling.

Style of Clinical Supervision

I listen to your stories and I encourage my social work clients to learn from one another during group sessions.  I then offer my guidance and experience to help you get the most from your clinical supervision experience.  I like to have fun, but I also believe in being structured enough to help you really find your own strengths as you grow in your social work skills. I love helping my sweet home Alabama social workers!

LMSW Supervision for your LICSW (Online Anywhere in Alabama)

LMSW Supervision from an LICSW, PIP in AlabamaThrough the use of technology, I am able to provide clinical supervision to social workers throughout the entire state of Alabama Online.  So if you have a busy life, children, live in a rural area, or just want to get home after work, No Problem!!  I can join you into Social Work Clinical Supervision pretty much at any and most locations if you are connected online. Join me if you are in Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery, Auburn, Decatur, Athens, Hartselle, Florence or wherever in Alabama, the Alabama line is the limit.

We can meet for group clinical supervision or for individual clinical supervision over the computer.  If you are looking for an LMSW supervisor and live anywhere in Alabama, please don’t hesitate to give me a call! Get in touch and let’s talk about your supervision needs.

Can I Receive Social Work Supervision If I Am Not Employed?

Social Worker can receive Social Work Supervision in Alabama while practicing Social Work in a volunteer setting.  In other words, a Social Worker can be unemployed and still qualify for Social Work Clinical Supervision if the social worker volunteers in a Social Work setting.  Also, to be considered for supervision the work week has to be at least 10 hours of work if you work part-time and if you are full-time it has to be at least 30 hours of work per week.


Hear from Tenisha.  Tenisha is very special to me because she was my very first Clinical Supervision client to complete supervision.  I will never forget meeting with her in Books-A-Million.  She was super focused and had an intentional plan for what she wanted to do once she completed her Clinical Supervision.

At the time she was not so sure that she wanted to go into private practice, but she knew that being a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Alabama would significantly increase her chances of landing a dream job fast.  Tenisha landed that job much faster than she anticipated, so fast that she had to reevaluate her goals for the future.

She was able to see how quickly her salary changed upward when she landed her dream job, but she was also able to see how she could accomplish even greater rewards by entering the world of Social Work Private Practice.  Hear Tenisha’s Story.




Meet Caleb B.



Cost of Social Work Licensure Supervision

$100/hour Individual Supervision/Corporate Contracts

$50/hour Group Supervision (With PP Special Option)

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