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We Are Excited to be offering the DSM-5-TR TRAINING which is now a

requirement for  ALL Clinical Social Workers!!!


February (LIVE Online CEU Webinars)

Social workers performing a DSM 5 counseling assessment. Learn how to make diagnostic assessments in alabama through our DSM-5-TR Training. Contact us for Social Work Board Approve DSM-5-TR Training in Alabama.

DSM-5-TR Comprehensive Assessment and Diagnosis (3 CEUS)

Presented by: Dr. Jennifer Ritchie, Psy.D, Amanda Harmon, LCSW

Date: February 16, 2024

Time: 9:00 – 12:00 pm

Early Bird: $75.00 (Ends on February 1, 2024)

 General Admission: $85.00

We are happy to present our DSM training in response to the new upcoming regulation by the Alabama State Board of Social Work Examiners.  This training will be a comprehensive review of the current version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.

***This 3-hour CEU Virtual Event fulfills the new requirement of the Alabama Board of Social Work Examiners (ABSWE) for Clinical Social Workers, which mandates (3) DSM Training hours

Our event will be led by two seasoned professionals, Dr. Jennifer Ritchie, Psy.D., and Amanda Harmon, LCSW.  This training is designed to equip participants with essential skills for clinical assessment and diagnosis of anxiety and mood disorders. Throughout this course, participants can expect to learn to identify at least five common anxiety and mood diagnoses seen in clinical settings, gaining a deep understanding of the nuances within these conditions. The presentation will also delve into the critical differences in diagnostic criteria between DSM-5 and DSM-5-TR for Major Depressive Disorder and Persistent Depressive Disorder, providing participants with a precise grasp of the diagnostic landscape.

Additionally, attendees will develop the ability to formulate interview questions that effectively assess cognitive, emotional, and behavioral symptoms related to anxiety and depression. This training will further empower participants with knowledge of at least three assessment measures suitable for clinical settings, enabling them to comprehensively evaluate and diagnose symptoms of depression and anxiety. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from experts with vast experience and expertise in the field, and take your clinical assessment skills to the next level.

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February (LIVE Online CEU Webinars)

A woman has experienced trauma and needs EMDR Therapy from counselor in alabama. A therapist would need to attend EMDR Training in Alabama to help her.

EMDR Insights: Nurturing Attachment Amidst Trauma (Free Online Event – 1 CEU)

Date: February 27, 2024

Time: 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Don’t miss out on an enriching Continuing Education Unit (CEU) training led by Juliet Wise, a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and trauma specialist in Alabama. Focused on trauma, her expertise in EMDR and Cognitive Processing Therapy ensures a valuable learning experience for empowering individuals and navigating women’s issues with authenticity and resilience.

Course Objectives:

  • Participants will gain insights into the foundational principles of attachment theory as it pertains to trauma.
  • Attendees will explore the impact of trauma on attachment styles and its implications for therapeutic interventions.
  • Participants will develop a nuanced understanding of how EMDR can be effectively applied to nurture secure attachments in trauma survivors

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March 2024 (LIVE Online CEU Webinars)

Social Work Supervisor Training Alabama Cover Photo. Advertisement of Social Work Supervision Training Online Ad for Alabama. Alabama Social Work Supervision Training is held every other Month online in Alabama.

 Aspire Social Work Supervisor Training (12-16 CEUS)

Date: March 25 & 26, 2024

Time: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

You will know when it is the right time, and some of you are feeling like the time is NOW! Transitioning into a role as a Clinical Supervisor is frequently the initial step towards moving into full-time private practice. I know it was for me. The Alabama State Board of Social Work Examiners now requires supervisor training from an approved program provider, and Aspire Counseling and Consulting Services is here to support your journey. Join us to enhance your skills and open new doors in your professional path.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain insights to streamline your supervision experience.
  • Develop the skills to be a Competent and Confident Supervisor
  • Understand the ethical principles essential for safeguarding clients, your supervisees’ licenses, and your own professional license.

Don’t miss this opportunity to prepare yourself for the changing landscape of social work supervision. Join us and take your career to the next level.


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