Marriage Burnout: Bringing The Spark Back

Marriage is full of constant highs and lows, but couples often find themselves experiencing marital burnout. Burnout in marriage is a form of extreme physical, mental, and emotional fatigue. This is a genuine struggle for many married couples. It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine of life and forget to prioritize your relationship. Are You Experiencing...[ read more ]

Love Languages: Understanding Your Partner’s Needs

Communication is key! This phrase has always been a part of relationships and marriages. While verbal communication allows you to express your thoughts and feelings, learning how your partner shows and receives love helps you physically display how much you care. Yes, we're talking about the love languages! Understanding your partner's love language is essential to building and sustaining a...[ read more ]

5 Important Relationship Questions You Need to Answer

A couple hugs while smiling at each other. Learn how to have a happy relationship. Learn how to have a happy marriage in huntsville Alabama. Get couples therapy in huntsville, Al. Get online therapy in Alabama from Aspire Counseling and Consulting Services. Learn how couples therapy in huntsville, al.

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times, but here it is again: Relationships are tough and they require constant work. You and your partner have to be ready to put in the work every single day, and one way to do this is through constant evaluation of your relationship. Here is a list of some important questions to answer both...[ read more ]

A Message To The Codependents

I'm so excited to share with you this thought that came to me this morning! This one is a message to the codependents and those in relationships with codependents. My codependents out there: You’ve got to check yourself before you wreck yourself! Yes, you heard me, check yourself before you wreck yourself! All jokes aside, here are a few nuggets...[ read more ]

How To Love Yourself More

Do You Love Yourself? I have a quick question for you that I want to ask you. Do you love yourself? And I know you're looking at me like, "Oh, of course, I love myself," but do you really? Actually, there are a lot of people that really think that loving yourself just simply because there's no command in the...[ read more ]

4 Ways A Relationship Vision Board Can Help You

  How Can A Relationship Vision Board Help You  In this blog, we talk about a relationship vision board and how this is crucial to supporting you in choosing your dream relationship.  This blog is for individuals who are searching for someone special, but within each new relationship, you encounter different people with the same personality traits. Those repeated cycles...[ read more ]

4 Budgeting Tips For Couples

huntsville marriage counseling for couples having issues with their finances

    In this blog I am hoping to break down 4 budgeting tips for couples.  I hope to help you in your marriage especially pertaining to how you and your spouse choose to work a budget.   I can't say that things have always been hunky Dory financially in my marriage.  This is how I learned how ineffective it is...[ read more ]

Can a Man “Just Be Friends” with a Woman While Being in a Relationship?

There are numerous experiences that I am constantly being exposed to.  When it comes to the topic of “friends” of the opposite sex while in a relationship, this one can really be contentious.  I recently came across a question that I just had to indulge.  The question was “can a man be just friends with a woman while being in...[ read more ]

Why Consider Premarital Counseling with a Faith-Based Counselor

“’Til death do us part.” It’s a nice thought. Until about three years into the marriage when you realize you don’t really know the person you married.   Premarital counseling is a form of counseling offered by family therapists to help couples who are planning to marry. Premarital counseling is a great way for couples to identify and resolve any...[ read more ]

Meagan Good and Devon Franklin Announce a Split…Why??

I want to talk real about a topic that saddens me, concerning a marriage break up. DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good are divorcing after almost a decade of marriage, and so the question is why? Why are they divorcing now? It would be really dumb of me to really try to process why someone is getting a divorce, it's like...[ read more ]

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