How To Survive Infidelity

Woman stares at wedding ring after experiencing infideloity. This represents the difficult strain it places on relationships and how counselors in huntsville, alabama can help.

Do you know that infidelity has a major effect on relationships? Well, that is because the healing process can be difficult to navigate after a violation of trust. This article seeks to give couples who are devoted to repairing their relationship a professional and educational approach to surviving infidelity, along with advice and support. What is Infidelity A complex problem,...[ read more ]

Top 5 Reasons Effective Communication is Important in Marriage

couple reconnecting with a warm embrace represents how counselors in alabama can help guide couples back into the right direction

Effective communication is an essential part of all healthy relationships. However, when life gets busy and stressful, miscommunication and misunderstandings also increase. So, to build a healthy relationship, a married couple should possess good communication skills to convey their heart feelings effectively.  Marriage is a covenant between God and the couple. Communication is the key to maintaining this beautiful bond. Many...[ read more ]

Convincing Your Partner To Try Couples Counseling

Do you feel like you and your partner are drifting apart or stuck in a cycle of conflict and resentment? Do you wish you could improve your communication, intimacy, and trust, but not sure how? If yes, then try couples counseling. Couples counseling is a form of therapy that helps couples address and resolve their issues, resorting to happiness in...[ read more ]

Effective Communication In Marriage

One of the best things about marriage is the comfort of simply being yourself. Sometimes, too much comfort can create a problem. Disagreements in marriage are common occurrences, and they can occasionally spark arguments. It's important to remember that they can also be an opportunity for growth and understanding. But that growth only develops when effective communication is at play. Effective...[ read more ]

Healthy Marriage: 8 Tips To Keep It Alive

Everyone loves a good 'Rom-Com.' A beautiful couple meets unexpectedly, falls madly in love, and lives happily ever after! Well, we also know that those stories and happily ever afters are for fairy tales. This does not mean that real couples do not know the joys of happiness and bliss. Marriage is not as predictable as movies make it seem,...[ read more ]

Technology and Marriage: Living In The “Digital Age”

Maintaining a connection within a marriage or relationship can be difficult. Throw in technology, and it can become much harder. Have you ever noticed how often you and your spouse are physically around one another but completely absent mentally or emotionally? If you think back, how many of those instances were the two of you glued to a digital device?...[ read more ]

Marriage Burnout: Bringing The Spark Back

Marriage is full of constant highs and lows, but couples often find themselves experiencing marital burnout. Burnout in marriage is a form of extreme physical, mental, and emotional fatigue. This is a genuine struggle for many married couples. It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine of life and forget to prioritize your relationship. Are You Experiencing...[ read more ]

How Much Privacy Should I Have In My Marriage?

    When you first meet your spouse, you are two individuals getting to know one another. You learn each other's communication styles, strengths, weaknesses, preferences, likes, dislikes, etc. Unfortunately, one of the things people tend to skate over is boundaries and their idea of privacy. Often, married couples become so adjacent to one another that they lose their sense...[ read more ]

3 Ways to Improve Communication in Relationships

The number one ingredient to any healthy and stable relationship is good communication. When communication is poor, relationships break down.Whether they are platonic, romantic or revolve around business, your relationships will thrive if you improve your communication with others. Here’s how:Be Fully PresentTrust and respect must be earned by both parties. And this requires giving each other your full attention....[ read more ]

Couples: How to Regulate Yourself During Difficult Conversations

couple arguing outside by the fence. Example of a couple in need of marriage counseling huntsville al. Find an online marriage counseling in alabama

Sharing your life with someone means having open and honest conversations, even when those conversations are a bit difficult. But that’s easier said than done. Understanding how to regulate yourself during difficult conversations can be extremely tough.   During hard conversations, it’s common for many people to become triggered by something their partner has said. Calm one moment, but the...[ read more ]

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