3 Ways to Improve Communication in Relationships

The number one ingredient to any healthy and stable relationship is good communication. When communication is poor, relationships break down.Whether they are platonic, romantic or revolve around business, your relationships will thrive if you improve your communication with others. Here’s how:Be Fully PresentTrust and respect must be earned by both parties. And this requires giving each other your full attention....[ read more ]

Coping Strategies for 3 Common Major Life Changes You’ll Likely Face

Newly married couple unpacking bags. Find a therapist near me who provides in person and online marriage counseling in alabama. Learn how to build intimacy by receiving marriage therapy in huntsville.

From buying a new home, to getting married, most individuals experience a host of major changes throughout their lifetime.  Feeling nervous during these changes is understandable, but sometimes the stress can become overbearing.  We start having an impact on one’s mental health. In this article by Aspire Counseling and Consulting Services, we’ll explore a host of strategies individuals can implement...[ read more ]

Signs That Your Teen May Need Teenage Counseling in Huntsville, AL

A teen stands above looking through a chain fence at the camera. This could represent the distance overcome by working with a counselor for teens in Huntsville, AL. Learn more about online therapy in Alabama and the support counseling for teens in Huntsville, AL can offer today.

Typical Teenage Behavior So often, parents and teens are in entirely different worlds. It may seem unusual, but in most cases, it is normal. All teenagers are unique while sharing similar experiences. They struggle with their identity, which could mean a multitude of things. For example, which crowds they want to be a part of, how they want to look,...[ read more ]

Social Work Supervisor Discussion on Sexual Addiction

Man behind woman with his had over her mouth. Demonstrating how sexual addiction may link to sexual abuse. Social Work Supervision Training discussion on this topic in Huntsville alabama

  Supervisors Sign Up For Our Social Work Supervisor Training This is a Social Work Supervisor Discussion on Sexual Addiction and its link to Sexual Abuse.  All right. All right. Looks like we might be streaming and I hope everybody's doing good today. I gotta start my timer, because this cannot be long. But since we've been doing the social...[ read more ]

Couples: How to Regulate Yourself During Difficult Conversations

couple arguing outside by the fence. Example of a couple in need of marriage counseling huntsville al. Find an online marriage counseling in alabama

Sharing your life with someone means having open and honest conversations, even when those conversations are a bit difficult. But that’s easier said than done. Understanding how to regulate yourself during difficult conversations can be extremely tough.   During hard conversations, it’s common for many people to become triggered by something their partner has said. Calm one moment, but the...[ read more ]

The Importance of Independence in a Relationship

The importance of independence in a relationship can't be talked about enough.  However, it is something that we often overlook when we develop our relationship.  When we first fall in love with that special someone, we want to spend all of our time together. In fact, we seem to feel better when we are with our significant other. This is...[ read more ]

Tired of People Pleasing and Codependency?

woman holds up hand with stop written on it. Speak with a huntsville marriage counseling. Speak with someone who provides marriage counseling huntsville al. Get support from a black therapist in huntsville, Al.

  Today, I want to speak with you on the topic of being tired of people-pleasing.  Have you discovered that in your relationships with others, either now or in the past, there were a few too many instances of people-pleasing?  Are you at the point where you’re just fed up? You may find yourself saying, “I'm done with this, I...[ read more ]

How to find Mental Health Therapists that take Medicaid in Alabama

Photo of a Student doing well in school because his parents were able to find therapists that take Medicaid. Read more here to find out how!

Mental Health and finding Therapists that take Medicaid in Alabama Identifying that you, or someone in your family, needs counseling or therapy services is one of the first steps to receiving professional help. If you have insurance through Alabama Medicaid, finding therapists that take Medicaid could be a bit frustrating. There are limited options for therapists who accept Medicaid to...[ read more ]

Blended Family: Why does this feel like a crisis?

Shows a frustrated couple fighting. Represents how family therapy in huntsville, al will support you and your blended family.

Family therapy experts see crises with teens in a blended family more commonly than one might think.  Teens often have their own personal ways of coping with change and don’t understand how to express their grievances appropriately.  Yet, on the flip side, we as parents often have trouble listening to our teens’ frustrations, especially when we need to.  If you...[ read more ]

Warning Signs of Anorexia

According to the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH), Anorexia Nervosa affects roughly one percent of the adult population in the United States. Although the condition is treatable, it is very serious and can potentially be fatal.The NIMH suggests that up to 10% of those with the disorder may die from complications. But according to the Renfew Center Foundation for...[ read more ]

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