How To Cope With Negative Criticisms In Your Relationships

Are you tired of allowing negative criticisms to get you down in your relationships or marriage?  Are you tired of second-guessing yourself after hearing someone else's opinion?  I want to engage you on the subject of how and when to accept negative criticisms.  I want you to understand how to effectively manage criticisms, identify if criticisms are coming from the...[ read more ]

Why Go To Marriage Counseling?

Marriage counseling for fixing various problems in life A majority of couples today face difficulties in maintaining good relationships due to a host of problems ranging from communications issues to infidelity. As a result of these relationship difficulties, divorce rates are skyrocketing, which often leaves the lives of adults as well as children in shambles. In today's time, it seems...[ read more ]

What’s Driving Me To Clean?

Am I OCD? Have you ever noticed that you or your partner use cleaning as a mechanism to resolve stress or anxiety?  Have you been accused of being OCD in your relationship? Have you accused your spouse of being OCD in your relationship? Or, how long has OCD been a condition that has been tied into your name? Since the...[ read more ]

What Serial Killers And Narcissist Have In Common

    I have had tons of my clients come to me with concerns that they are either dating or married to a narcissist.  They often describe to me some of the typical behaviors that are often observed in the relationship or marriage with their narcissistic partners.  Some of these behaviors include gaslighting, crazy-making, and love bombing all used as...[ read more ]

Here’s How To Actually Have Couple Time After A Baby

If you ask other parents how to keep a relationship healthy after baby's arrival, you're likely to get a variety of responses. Some new parents find it easy to connect, while others feel a significant strain on their relationship. It's definitely a mixed bag. A baby can be a huge test of a relationship, and it takes a lot of...[ read more ]

Things That Piss Me Off!! “Awareness For How To Manage Your Anger”

Making statements such as "Yes, I'm pissed off!" may not be the most couth way to express your emotions, but the truth is that in relationships and marriages when we become angry and intense, anger management isn't the first thought or plan of action that comes to our minds.  When we are angry, we often do not choose the most...[ read more ]

Love With No Reserve “How to keep your relationship healthy”

What is it that you think of when you think of a perfect relationship or marriage. Does this mean you are passionate, madly in love, lots of passionate sex, constantly thinking of your lover day in and day out? Does a perfectly healthy relationship or marriage mean you are compatible, you have like interest, you seldomly argue? Does a great...[ read more ]

How To Avoid Bad Relationships

Here are 6 tips on how you can avoid getting yourself jammed into a bad relationship. I can’t tell you how many times I have talked with a client who seems to have an addiction to bad relationships.  Can bad relationships or marriage be avoided?  Are there tactics that can be used by individuals and couples to avoid negative outcomes...[ read more ]

4 Tips To Overcome Fear In Marriage

Have you ever had the fear of failing your spouse in your marriage?  Have ever had the desire to overcome fear in marriage. It doesn't matter what type of relationship you are in, married or not, fear of failing the ones we love can negatively impact us in so many ways. Because of our need to please let’s say a...[ read more ]

Has Anxiety Been Making An Attack?

Have there been times when you have been pretty tough on yourself? Would you happen to be your worst critic? Truth be told, would you call yourself a perfectionist? And how are you doing with perceived failures? The things that we tell ourselves, about ourselves many times has originated from programming that we received long before we can remember. At...[ read more ]

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