Top 5 Reasons Why A Marriage Fails

couple arguing while sitting on a bench outside. They are both upset after having a difficult discussion about finances and infidelity.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment between two individuals. While they may enjoy pleasant moments together, there is always a possibility that they could encounter numerous challenges that may even lead to the breakdown of a marriage.   Couples must understand the challenges that fall their way so they can seek the required guidance to build and sustain the marriage. 5...[ read more ]

How To Avoid Financial Fights in Marriage

financial fighting in marriage

Financial fights in a marriage are the root of the most intense and emotionally affecting conflict. These fights can also lead to multiple underlying issues that the couple may not generally discuss, leading to further prolonged disagreements. Whether it is an argument over spending habits, savings goals, debt management, or differing attitudes toward money, relationships can drain through these conflicts. ...[ read more ]

10 Tips For Parenting A Child With ADHD

mother talking to teen with adhd .

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, more commonly known as ADHD, is a chronic condition that affects millions of children and may continue into adulthood. ADHD includes persistent problems such as impulsive behavior, hyperactivity, and difficulty sustaining attention. Symptoms of ADHD in children Every child is unique. Conditions like ADHD, Autism, or Down Syndrome should not only be a label.   Some...[ read more ]

How to Find an African American Therapist

black female therapist counseling an African American man. Find a black and African American therapist in Huntsville Alabama near you

An African American therapist can help Black Americans feel more secure, at ease, and trustworthy. This results in more productive therapy sessions. It might be hard to find the proper therapist, particularly if you want someone who is sensitive to your unique experiences and has a similar cultural background.    This post will discuss the value of cultural sensitivity in...[ read more ]

How To Survive Infidelity

Woman stares at wedding ring after experiencing infideloity. This represents the difficult strain it places on relationships and how counselors in huntsville, alabama can help.

Do you know that infidelity has a major effect on relationships? Well, that is because the healing process can be difficult to navigate after a violation of trust. This article seeks to give couples who are devoted to repairing their relationship a professional and educational approach to surviving infidelity, along with advice and support. What is Infidelity A complex problem,...[ read more ]

Top 5 Reasons Effective Communication is Important in Marriage

couple reconnecting with a warm embrace represents how counselors in alabama can help guide couples back into the right direction

Effective communication is an essential part of all healthy relationships. However, when life gets busy and stressful, miscommunication and misunderstandings also increase. So, to build a healthy relationship, a married couple should possess good communication skills to convey their heart feelings effectively.  Marriage is a covenant between God and the couple. Communication is the key to maintaining this beautiful bond. Many...[ read more ]

Why Narcissists Come Back After Leaving You?

Woman walking away from her narcissistic partner. This represents how narcissists always return for more abuse.

Do you think narcissists care about you when they come back? The answer is simple: no. A narcissist comes back because they want to maintain their power over you and control you as long as possible. Many people are in Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) relationships, but they don’t know until they see its signs. A person with NPD has an exaggerated sense...[ read more ]

Infidelity: How Therapy Can Help Couples Rebuild Trust

Betrayal spelled out in scrabble letters.

Infidelity is one of the worst things that could happen to anyone in a relationship. The breach of trust can sometimes feel even worse than physical pain. The psychological impact is even worse. Studies show that both parties later experience less happiness in future relationships as they carry trust issues and emotional scars. However, it doesn’t always have to end this way...[ read more ]

Overcoming The Stigma of Therapy in The Black Community

Three African Americans smiling and laughing. This represents African Americans that have experienced a black therapists in Alabama and have learned to grow and thrive in society

Mental health stigma in the Black community is a pervasive barrier to seeking therapy, particularly for marital issues. Most African Americans have historically rooted misconceptions, leading them to label mental illness as a weakness. This stigma can also strain marriages, as couples may avoid therapy so as not to appear vulnerable or flawed. Alarmingly, a 1990s survey revealed that 63%...[ read more ]

Emotional Abuse: Recognizing The Signs In Marriage

Woman is walking away from man that is dismissing her emotions. This represents a tactic of emotional abuse used in relationships that marriage counselors in Huntsville, Alabama can help you recognize and break out of.

Emotional abuse within marriages and relationships often operates covertly, making it crucial to recognize the signs early on. Unlike physical abuse, emotional abuse can be harder to detect as it doesn't leave visible scars. Instead, it chips away at a person's self-esteem, sense of worth, and autonomy. Tactics such as gaslighting, manipulation, and shaming are common in emotionally abusive relationships....[ read more ]

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