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Anger Management Sometimes Gets A Bad Rap

You know sometimes the idea of working towards anger management resolution sometimes gets a bad rap.  We often look at the more overt activities of anger such as physical abuse, knocking over tables or kicking down doors.  While these are definite signs of a need for anger management counseling, we often forget or fail to understand what anger is and where these emotions start.

Anger Is A Secondary Emotion

Anger is actually a secondary emotion, meaning, anger is many times the go to emotion that we resource when we have issues of hurt, shame, fear, anxiety, frustration and guilt.   Anger is a cover, or the mask we wear to protect and shield ourselves from emotions of vulnerability.  So if someone says to us, “you are not doing that right, let me fix it,” instead of expressing our perspective of how hurt, embarrassed, or incompetent the individual may have made us feel, we may slam the object down, or respond with an unsuited comment about the individual who made the statement.

We All Have Issues With Anger Management

No matter how covert or overt our anger responses may be, we all have issues with anger management at times, and these issues can often place a wedge between our efforts to build intimacy in our relationships.  At Aspire Counseling and Consulting Services we embrace you where you are.  We don’t judge you because you have anger concerns.  If you have been having issues with anger management in your relationships or in life, we support you in understanding the root of the concerns, and we guide you to supports that help you to reduce the conflicts in your relationships.

Can I Be Free From Anger?

Although we will never be free from all anger, how would if feel to no longer be controlled, triggered or lured into anger emotions?  How would it feel to no longer be frustrated about the negative comments and actions of others?  How would it feel to learn healthy ways to express the concerns that upset you the most?  How good would it feel to be able to talk about the things that matter most to you, while ending the conversation with a hug or kiss instead of the alternative.
Let us help you to start the process today!  Aspire Counseling, a counseling clinic in Huntsville, AL, provides both individual Anger Management Counseling services and Anger Management Classes.  You don’t have to let anger control your life.  We can help!

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Aspire Counseling also offers counseling for depression, individual CBT based counseling, anger management classes and relationship counseling for couples.  Whatever your mental health needs may be, contact Aspire Counseling and we’ll talk about how our services might help!

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