Anger Management Classes

Is anger causing you problems in your relationships?

Has your supervisor or employer expressed concern about your anger?

Are your attempts to communicate your passion causing  others to feel uncomfortable?

Maybe you’ve been court mandated to attend Anger Management classes….

If any of these sound familiar, Aspire Counseling can help.  We are a Huntsville, AL counseling clinic providing anger management classes in a supportive, non judgmental atmosphere.

But I have real reasons to be angry

You feel frustrated, because you want to be able to express your emotions.  You get angry sometimes, but you have real reasons to be angry. Everyone gets angry at times.  Anger is a normal, human emotion. Even the American Psychological Association says anger itself is a normal, usually healthy emotion.

It feels like others are acting like you should never be angry.  Like you’re just supposed to ignore your feelings and go on.  In fact, maybe you’ve tried that.  Maybe you’ve tried shoving your anger down and it just comes out at terrible times.

There are reasons why you become angry and we agree that you should be able to express your feelings.  Anger itself isn’t the problem.  We’re here to help you learn new ways to relate to your emotions.


What Are Signs of an Anger Management Problem?

As we’ve said, Anger is normal.  So, how do you know if you need Anger Management classes or counseling?

Here are a few signs that you might benefit from Anger Management classes or counseling:

  • You’ve done things you regret when angry.
  • You’re relationships are suffering because of how you express your anger. Maybe a significant other, spouse or boss has said you have an anger management problem.  Perhaps your spouse has even threatened to leave.
  • You try to avoid your anger because you are worried about what will happen if you express it.
  • You’ve gotten into fights in public.
  • You’ve suffered legal consequences due to your anger.
  • You’ve never become physical, but you do express your anger in extreme ways such as yelling, cussing, threatening, or body language that intimidates others

Do I really need Anger Management Classes?

Anger Management groups, classes & counseling in Huntsville, AL

We can help you learn to navigate anger and strong emotions.
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You may not often see it as a big deal, but others have described you to be intimidating, overbearing and often sometimes scary to talk to when you get upset.

Have you been in situation where anger has gotten you into trouble? Perhaps you have become physically or verbally aggressive. Maybe you have found yourself to be overly sensitive and upset when you don’t feel like you have been listened to or respected.

Maybe your conscious has told you before, that sometimes situations seem to get the best of you. Maybe you have even wondered if you should seek help before your relationships are further compromised.

Contact Aspire Counseling and Consulting today and begin learning how to better cope with and manage your anger in our Anger Management Classes.

Individual Counseling for Anger Management

We also provide individual counseling for Anger Management if you feel that would be a better fit.  Benefits of the groups include a lower cost, learning what has helped others and you get to feel the camaraderie knowing that others are coping with similar issues.  However, we know that some people would prefer to work with a counselor 1:1 processing events prompting anger in your own life and tailoring anger management skills to meet your unique needs.

Anger Management Groups & Classes

In our Anger Management Classes, we provide a nonjudgemental setting where you can learn how avoid being easily triggered. Our Anger Management Classes will teach you how to identify, communicate and bury old habits.

Court Ordered Anger Management Groups

Anger management classes in Huntsville, AL

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Maybe you know you need help.  Maybe you feel like one situation was blown out of proportion.  Regardless of how you got here, if the court has specifically ordered you to engage in anger management, we can help.

If you have been COURT ORDERED, we provide Anger Management Classes for court ordered clients. We are a counseling clinic in Huntsville, AL and can help you meet the requirements given by the court and provide a Court Ordered Certification. Also ask about our Parenting Classes if you are looking for Anger Management Classes and are required to take Parenting Classes as well.

Cost of Anger Management Classes

Our Anger Management Classes are $35.00 per 1 hour session. We meet once a week at the scheduled time. We are able to provided Court Ordered Certifications as needed. If you would like to learn more about how to seek out Anger Management Counseling through our classes, or if you are interested in Individual Anger Management Counseling, please give us a call.


Other Aspire Counseling Services

Aspire Counseling also offers counseling for depression, individual CBT based counseling, anger management classes and relationship counseling for couples.  Whatever your mental health needs may be, contact Aspire Counseling and we’ll talk about how our services might help!

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